Hot Flashes Natural Treatment That You Can Do

Hot flashes are complaints that will be felt by women who experience hormonal changes within their body. When a woman enters perimenopause or menopause period then she will experience it. Hot flashes will make women feel heat sensation in a very short time but however it will make them feel uncomfortable and often complain.

It’s not only feel heat sensation, a woman will also experience various side effects such as skin irritation, sweating and heart rate increased rapidly. Skin irritation will be experienced in some parts of body such as chest, neck and face. When a woman is experiencing hot flashes but didn’t take reasonable precautions by immediately then she would be very likely to experience night sweats.

Women will sweat excessively at night and make them feel uncomfortable also sleep became disturbed. In order not to experience some complaints, try to do hot flashes treatment. Treatment method can be done to overcome hot flashes are so numerous, start from hormone therapy, taking medication until the easiest way is to implement a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

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Menopause Sudden Weight Gain Solutions

Menopause and weight gain are some things that can’t be separated. Did you know that when a woman enters perimenopause or menopause period then she will be very susceptible to experience weight gain. Menopause sudden weight gain will occur in a woman caused by hormonal changes.

Reduced some important hormones like estrogen would make women get weight gain very easily and it is also caused by increased appetite. That is why, a woman who entered perimenopause or menopause must maintain fitness and weight from now on. They can perform many exercises activities to burn stored fat in the body.

Exercise is a very natural way to lose weight, but everything to do reasonable and not excessive. Don’t go on a diet that can harm your health, diet by consuming pills without a doctor’s recommendation is something that very fatal. Some diet pills even contain chemicals that can aggravate condition so that a woman will experience many symptoms and complaints, either perimenopause or menopause. Continue reading

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HRT Side Effects in Women Because Menopause

When a woman enters perimenopause or menopause periods, they will experience some symptoms and complaints. Hot flashes and night sweats are the main complaints that are often felt by menopause women, although, there are many symptoms will be felt. Irregular menstruation is one perimenopause symptoms, is caused by a hormonal imbalance. When entering perimenopause age, estrogen is reduced. This hormone will affect menstrual period.

One way to overcome some complaints due to perimenopause or menopause is hormone replacement therapy. This therapy replaces estrogen hormones that decreases and disappears from the body. Hormone replacement therapy is often referred to as HRT. By doing this treatment method also provides side effects to the body. HRT side effects appear to result in a greater risk for experiencing dangerous diseases such as cancer.

HRT side effects in women which are: Continue reading

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When Does Perimenopause Start?

When does perimenopause start? When does menopause start? It was some questions that will be frequently asked by women. Well, perimenopause and menopause period is a mystery that remains unsolved. Normally, women will enter perimenopause period when in her 30s. They will experience some symptoms but there are also some women who experience early menopause without passing through perimenopause period.

Generally, women will experience menopause at the beginning of 40s and when approaching late 50, they will experience a final stage of menopause. At this stage, they will not have period and it is not possible to get pregnant. Average age to begin menopause at every woman is not the same, there are several influences that can make a woman experiencing early menopause.

The causes of premature menopause such as:

1. Women applying an unhealthy lifestyle.

2. Consuming alcohol and smoking.

3. Do an unhealthy diet by taking drugs are dangerous and not recommended by doctors. Continue reading

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First Signs of Menopause Will Occur

What are first signs of menopause? Well, in generally, menstrual changes and menstrual cycle stops suddenly, that some signs of menopause are often experienced by women. Menopause is a natural thing that will occur in women and they can’t avoid it.

Women will feel some changes either physically or mentally. This change is a menopause symptom, and generally some of these symptoms are perceived as still being in the perimenopause period.

Here are some first signs of menopause will happen to a woman such as:

1. They will experience menstrual cycle changes. Menstruation becomes irregular and out just a bit and then stops abruptly. Menstruation cessation by suddenly at a young woman can be categorized as signs of early menopause.

2. Women will experience hot flashes and night sweats. All complaints are due to hormonal imbalance. Estrogen is the most important hormone in the female body, and loss this hormone will cause women to experience hot flashes. Continue reading

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Hot Flash Emergency Relief to Overcome Menopause

There are many symptoms and complaints that will be experienced by women when entering perimenopause and one of them is hot flashes. Hot flashes will make a woman feel uncomfortable and they will experience heat attack even for a while. Indeed, it only lasts a moment but it will make you feel very uncomfortable.

Hot flashes should be overcome, let alone this can make your skin becomes irritated, itching and redness. In fact, you will also experience sweating at night. Night sweats will make your sleep uncomfortable. Hot flash remedies can be done in various ways such as hormone therapy, medications, drugs or alternative treatments such as herbal plants.

Hormone therapy is often as hot flash emergency relief. Estrogen hormone deficiency is often a trigger why a woman experiencing hot flashes and night sweats. Hormone therapy is often used to provide hormones balance in the body, especially replacing estrogen hormone that decreases or disappears. Continue reading

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Diagnosis of menopause in some female

How to know diagnosis of menopause? Some women would definitely ask about it, menopause has become a mystery to most women. Menopause is unpredictable when coming and going. Before entering menopause period, generally most women will experience perimenopause period.

But perimenopause period and menopause have a bit of difference. Symptoms of menopause will make a woman has not had a chance to get pregnant and have offspring. In addition, menopause will make most women experience many complaints which makes their body becomes uncomfortable.

The most frightening thing for every woman is premature menopause occurrence. Moreover, it can happen in women who are still very young age. If a woman is experiencing this it will be difficult for her to get pregnant and have offspring. Menopause can occur in a time that can’t be determined and some women feel age of menopause in a very long time. Continue reading

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Four Signs of Perimenopause Starting Would Be Happen

How do signs of perimenopause that will occur in a woman? Perhaps that is one of the questions to be asked by a woman. Before entering menopause period, mostly women will experience perimenopause period. They will change by physically and emotionally.

Actually, there are more than 34 signs of perimenopause. But we will discuss a few of them such as:

1. Changes in the menstrual cycle. Women will experience changes in menstrual cycle and it becomes irregular. They will have periods that can last out in a very long period but also very fast.

2. Pregnancy when enter this period is not recommended because there is very high risk for the safety of mother and baby in the womb.

3. Some important hormones in the body will disappear and this causes emotional changes. You will be easily angered and offended. You will experience many changes in personality, so be very anxious and agitated. Continue reading

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Five Menopause Symptoms

Many women in this world still do not understand about the menopause. Knowledge of menopause is necessary as a precaution so as not to feel a variety of symptoms that interfere and cause a lot of regrets.

Women often ask, what is menopause? Menopause is the final stage of a woman where you do not even feel the menstruating or pregnant. This usually occurs in women who have stepped their 50s but there are also some women who experience more quickly than usual time experienced by a woman. It all depends on the condition of the woman’s body and lifestyle.

Menopause symptoms will be experienced by a woman is

1. You will no longer menstruate even you will experience a decline in some hormones so that you are no longer possible to get pregnant.

2. You will no longer have a high desire for sexual intercourse.

3. Your vagina will be dry and have no elastic, so you will feel the pain when having sexual intercourse. Continue reading

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5 signs and symptoms premenopausal ought to be observed

What do you know symptoms of perimenopause? The ladies in many cases are requested about this towards the physician plus they really feel really concerned about getting a number of signs and symptoms as well as perimenopause issues. The majority of the ladies nevertheless possess a poor viewpoint regarding menopause as well as perimenopause.

A number of them do not really feel prepared as well as these people attempted to prevent this. Nicely, perimenopause as well as menopause is actually something which happens normally inside a lady since the last phase from the reproductive system time period. Through skilled this, these people won’t menstruate and be expecting once again.

Listed here are signs and symptoms associated with perimenopause that ought to end up being recognized through ladies: Continue reading

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